About Us
The members of the Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association have provided the information found on this web site to help you decide if you have the aptitude and ability to train for a career in the construction industry.

The Joint Apprentice Training Facilities (JATF) exists to serve a number of purposes:

To supply all contractors with highly skilled workers including apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, project managers, etc.

To facilitate a unique learning environment with varying instructional objectives and technologies.

To provide activities and resources that fosters a positive, comprehensive training environment.

To provide career advancement through a combination of classroom instruction as well as shop and field experiences.

To provide continuing education and training in the form of Journeyperson Upgrade classes.

Apprentice development and progression is achieved by partaking in classes such as Health and Safety, Blueprint Reading, Mathematics, and Leadership and Foreperson Training.

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