Brick Layers
Job Description:
Bricklayers construct and repair walls, partitions, arches, fireplaces, chimneys, and other structures from building materials such as brick, structural tile, concrete cinders, glass, gypsum, and terra cotta. They may work on commercial or industrial buildings, apartments or homes.

Bricklayers use a trowel to spread a layer or bed of soft mortar that serves as a base and binder for brick. They apply mortar to the end of the brick, and position it in the mortar bed. They tap the brick to level and align it, allowing specified mortar thickness, remove excess mortar, and finish the joints with a jointerÂ.

Tools used by Bricklayers include chisels, trowels, jointers, brickhammers, power brick and cutting saws, plumb bobs, masonÂs levels, rule and square. They also understand and work from blueprints.

BRICKLAYERS work involves the laying of a wide variety of Brick, Block, and Glazed Brick.

POINTER, CAULKER, CLEANERS must complete all round restoration specialist. Knowledge of pointing & caulking, patching concrete, cleaning of masonary with chemicals, rigging of two point suspension scaffolds.

TERRAZZO WORKERS must know how to use a power grinder and materials like epoxy and marble chips and cements.

STONE MASONS work involves the laying of Stone and Marble.

TILE LAYERS work involves the laying of Tiles in Cement or Mastic. Mixing of Cement, Grout, and Epoxy. Knowledge of cutting tile by hand or saw.

Working Conditions:
BRICKLAYERS work indoors and out. They may be exposed to extreme weather. The work involves heavy lifting of masonary materials. Bricklayers are on their feet all day and do considerable stooping and bending, climbing, lifting, reaching and carrying. Often they must work from scaffolds high above the ground. Possible injuries include falls or being struck by  falling objects.

POINTER, CAULKER, CLEANERS must have the ability to work in high places. They may be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

TERRAZZO WORKERS work indoors and out, like swimming pools and basement floors. They stand or kneel and lift heavy materials.

STONE MASONS work indoors and out. They may be exposed to extreme weather. They lift heavy materials. There is a lot of kneeling, stooping and standing.

TILE LAYERS work is indoors. There is a lot of standing and kneeling.

Interest and Temperament:
Bricklaying requires careful and accurate workers who can observe fairly close tolerances, limits and standards. Bricklayers should enjoy working with their hands.